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What is Vintage Collage Work and Junk Journaling?

What is Junk Journaling? Similar to a scrapbook, a junk journal is a notebook made from many types of papers, from daily shopping receipts, fabric, recycled materials, newspaper, brochures, and ticket ephemera. It varies from person to person, you can use your creativity to hand make a crafty journal booklet in any form you like. …

How to Clean Rubber Stamps After Use

Keeping your rubber stamps clean is important in order to maintain the good quality of stamped images and preserve the stamps in good shape for many years. Otherwise, you will find the details of the stamp becoming unclear and fading out. Material:  Oil-based cleaning solution, baby wipes, water and soap, cloth. Instructions 1.Spray the alcohol …

How to Write ‘Happy Father’s Day’ in Calligraphy

Let’s not forget to celebrate Happy Father’s Day with your Super Dad even you are stuck at home. Make this special day the best by giving your dad a day that shows him just how special he is to you. Wish him Happy Father’s Day by making him a card with your handwriting. Art Supplies …