Founded in 2016, Washilicious is one of the online platforms bringing the best collection of fine stationery and journal supplies such as washi tapes (Japanese Masking Tape), rubber stamps, notebooks and diaries, pens, and some must-have planner accessories. Recently, we added brush calligraphy worksheets into our product list for beginners who would like to learn brush lettering.

We also provide customization of handmade wax seal stamps design which includes wedding monogram initial seal and custom brand logo seals, allowing you to finish invitations, crafts, gift wrapping, and many more. We offer more than 400 wax seal stamp design templates for you to choose from. Besides that, to personalize your wedding stationery, we offer handwritten calligraphy services such as place cards, name tags for your own stunning wedding.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, we offer extensive collections of art journaling stationeries and worldwide shipping from Malaysia.

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