Wedding Wax Seal and Stationery Suite

We love stationery and weddings.
Here we offer a custom wax seal service. You may custom any logo, monogram, initials or crest into a unique wax seal for use on your wedding correspondence or table settings.
Wax seal helps to add a glamorous, elegant edge to otherwise simple stationery.
Next, we’ll provide some handy guide and inspiration for using wax seals for name tags,place cards, table settings and etc.

Wedding Stationery Suite

Save The Dates

Save-the-dates give your guests a friendly heads-up. They are not always necessary, but are never a bad idea. Your guests may decide to decline your wedding due to personal trip, so it can be sent up to a year in advance.


Send invitations so that your guests can plan their schedules. Invitations should be sent far enough in advance for your guests to make their travel plans.


Your RSVP deadline will depend on how much lead time your wedding. professionals need. Check with caterer when they need a final number and set a RSVP return date on the card.

Thank You

You may start receiving gifts from friends and family who are unable to attend your wedding. Send them card right way to minimise your workload after the wedding.

To personalise your wedding, we offer handwritten calligraphy services on:

  • Handwritten on Invites
  • Envelope Addressing
  • Place Cards
  • Table Number
  • Name Tags

How to Use Wax Seal

Wax seal stamp wedding Malaysia
Wax seals are engraved metal pieces. When it is pressed into wax, it leaves an impression of the engraving.
Wax was used to seal letters and later, from about the 16th century, envelopes.
Nowadays, wax seals are used to finishing wedding invitations, to envelope seals, to producing certificates, for crafts as corporate gifts and many more.

How To Use Sealing Wax

Step 1 : Place the wax in the spoon. Hold the spoon about 2 inches over the tea light. If you are right-handed, you should hold the spoon in your left hand.
Step 2 : Pour the wax from the spoon onto the paper in a round pool in the position you want the seal to be.
Step 3 : Press the brass seal gently and firmly onto the pool of hot wax, until the wax appears all the way round the brass seal. Leave it for about 10 seconds.
Step 4 : Remove the brass seal. Now your wax impression is complete.

PREORDER | Custom Wax Seal Stamp – Paper Box Gift Set

Wedding Wax Seal and Stationery Suite

Wedding Calligraphy Services

How To Use Clear Stamps

Clear stamps are popular with card-makers, scrap-bookers and crafters. Unlike traditional wood-mount rubber stamps, they are easy to use and much more fun!

They are good for layering images or letters, because you can see exactly where you’re stamping with and no more guessing how it looks like as compared with rubber stamp!

Get your clear stamps now for journaling, blocks, titles and images !

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