How to Clean Rubber Stamps After Use

Wooden rubber stamps are a popular tool in art journaling and can be used to add texture, pattern, and design to your pages. Here are some tips for using wooden stamps in your art journal:

  1. Choose your stamps: There are a variety of wooden stamps available, ranging from simple shapes and patterns to more detailed images and illustrations. Choose stamps that reflect your personal style or that complement the theme of your art journal page.
  2. Ink your stamps: You can use a variety of inks to stamp your wooden stamps, including acrylic paints, pigment inks, and dye inks. Experiment with different colors and inks to find the look that you like best.
  3. Stamp your pages: Apply ink to your stamp and press it onto your page. You can stamp once or repeat the process to create a pattern or design. Try stamping in different directions or layering stamps to create more complex designs.
  4. Combine with other materials: Wooden stamps can be combined with other materials, such as washi tape, stickers, and collage elements, to add even more interest to your pages.
  5. Experiment: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques and approaches. Try over-stamping, masking, or using multiple stamps to create unique designs.

Keeping your rubber stamps clean is important in order to maintain the good quality of stamped images and preserve the stamps in good shape for many years. Otherwise, you will find the details of the stamp becoming unclear and fading out.

Material:  Oil-based cleaning solution, baby wipes, water and soap, cloth.


1.Spray the alcohol onto the rubber surface.

2. Rub and clean the ink away from the rubber using a cloth immediately.

Other Tips

  • Do not soak wooden stamps in water, this would damage the wood materials
  • Avoid using alcohol as it causes the rubber to dry out
  • Store the wooden rubber stamps properly when they are dry.

These cleaning instructions can be used on acrylic clear stamps as well.