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Wedding Wax Seal and Stationery Suite

October 6, 2017
Wax seal stamp wedding Malaysia
March 24, 2017
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March 29, 2018

We love stationery and weddings. Here we offer a custom wax seal service. You may custom any logo, monogram, initials or

crest into a unique wax seal for use on your wedding correspondence or table settings.

Wax seal helps to add a glamorous, elegant edge to otherwise simple stationery.

Next, we’ll provide some handy guide and inspiration for using wax seals for name tags,place cards, table settings and etc.

Wedding Stationery Suite

Save The Dates

Save-the-dates give your guests a friendly

heads-up. They are not always necessary, but

are never a bad idea. Your guests may decide

to decline your wedding due to personal trip,

so it can be sent up to a year in adance.


Send invitations so that your guests

can plan their schedules.

Invitations should be sent far enough

in advance for your guests to make

their travel plans.


Your RSVP deadline will depend on

how much lead time your wedding.

professionals need. Check with caterer

when they need a final number and set

a RSVP return date on the card.

Thank You

You may start receiving gifts from

friends and family who are unable to

attend your wedding. Send them card

right way to minimize your workload

after the wedding.

To personalise your wedding, we

offer handwritten calligraphy services on:

Handwritten on Invites

Envelope Addressing

Place Cards

Table Number

Name Tags


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