What is Vintage Collage Work and Junk Journaling?

What is junk journaling

What is Junk Journaling?

Similar to a scrapbook, a junk journal is a notebook made from many types of papers, from daily shopping receipts, fabric, recycled materials, newspaper, brochures, and ticket ephemera. It varies from person to person, you can use your creativity to hand make a crafty journal booklet in any form you like.

What is Vintage ‘Collage’ Work?

The word Collage means ‘gluing’ in French. It is the act of layering and arranging different images and/or materials to make a piece of art.

Collage is a technique for making art from the beautiful old things around us such as postcards, greeting cards, and photographs to letters and scraps of cloth.  You can easily get this vintage stuff from antique stores, flea markets, second-hand shops, and even our homes.  The techniques include painting with gouache and alter the background of your collage; transferring images; pressing and preserving botanicals; and aging and scumbling, which help to emphasize the vintage quality of your materials and to unify the piece as a whole.

We offer a variety of paper goodies in bundles which include papers & envelopes, postcards, handmade paper, stamps, newspaper articles, vintage stickers, washi tape, tickets,  journal cards, tags, die cuts, and many more. These goodies kit can be used in many different crafts and decorations including scrapbooking, journaling, planners, card making, collages, nature journals, travelers’ notebooks, mixed media arts, pen pal letters, and gifts.

How to Clean Rubber Stamps After Use

Keeping your rubber stamps clean is important in order to maintain the good quality of stamped images and preserve the stamps in good shape for many years. Otherwise, you will find the details of the stamp becoming unclear and fading out.

Material:  Oil-based cleaning solution, baby wipes, water and soap, cloth.


1.Spray the alcohol onto the rubber surface.

2.Rub and clean the ink away from the rubber using a cloth immediately.

Other Tips

  • Do not soak wooden stamps in water, this would damage the wood materials
  • Avoid using alcohol as it causes the rubber to dry out
  • Store the wooden rubber stamps properly when they are dry.

These cleaning instructions can be used on acrylic clear stamps as well.

What is Washi Tape?

What is Washi Tape?

Washi tape is a decorative paper tape that be used on everything! ‘Washi’ means the Japanese paper. Originated in Japan, washi tape is transparent and easily removable, ideal for all types of art and craft projects.

Working with Washi Tape

Washi tape can be hand-torn or cut using scissors or a dispenser. It can be used for largely designed home decor or small shapes like triangles, squares, or arrow tips.

It has a waxy surface that allows permanent inks. Washi tape is fun and inexpensive, it is available everywhere. One should get the chance to play with the designs and colors.

How to Store Your Washi Tapes

Once you become a washi tape addict, you might find yourself surrounded by piles of colored rolls.

You can get a clear storage container from the local craft store and organize the washi tapes by colors at random.

Which Planner Notebook are You?

Traveler’s Notebook

Traveler’s notebook is perfect to create, write, sketch, and plan neatly. You can fill it with grid, blank, lined inserts to organize your days.

A5 Quilted Spiral Personal Planner

Enjoy your time with the soft-touch A5 personal planner that comes with customizable tabs, stickers sheers, notepad,s and more.

Leather Bonded Notebook

This notebook has everything you need to start your days and plan your schedules.

Getting Started – How to Start Journaling


Journaling is a great way to help you to check in on your ideas and feelings.

It brings many benefits to your life and wellbeings. It helps in your reflection, creativity, and exploration. Spending some time to think about what has happened in a day is a wonderful way to live and to set your goals for the future.

Writing a journal is such a wonderful way to help you check in on your thoughts and feelings.


1. Collect every moment. Use photos and get creative!

2. Write down what did you do, your feelings, and whom you’ve seen in a day

3. Write down your dreams and wishes and how are you going to achieve them

4. Make a to-do list

Happy writing!

Wedding Wax Seal and Stationery Suite

We love stationery and weddings.
Here we offer a custom wax seal service. You may custom any logo, monogram, initials or crest into a unique wax seal for use on your wedding correspondence or table settings.
Wax seal helps to add a glamorous, elegant edge to otherwise simple stationery.
Next, we’ll provide some handy guide and inspiration for using wax seals for name tags,place cards, table settings and etc.

Wedding Stationery Suite

Save The Dates

Save-the-dates give your guests a friendly heads-up. They are not always necessary, but are never a bad idea. Your guests may decide to decline your wedding due to personal trip, so it can be sent up to a year in advance.


Send invitations so that your guests can plan their schedules. Invitations should be sent far enough in advance for your guests to make their travel plans.


Your RSVP deadline will depend on how much lead time your wedding. professionals need. Check with caterer when they need a final number and set a RSVP return date on the card.

Thank You

You may start receiving gifts from friends and family who are unable to attend your wedding. Send them card right way to minimise your workload after the wedding.

To personalise your wedding, we offer handwritten calligraphy services on:

  • Handwritten on Invites
  • Envelope Addressing
  • Place Cards
  • Table Number
  • Name Tags