Wen Shu 闻述® x Poem series Vintage Washi tapes


This washi tape is great to decorate your bullet journal, diary, notebook, gift, album decoration, and scrapbooks, gift wrapping, photos album, calendar, vases, and planners.

Material: Washi Tape/Transparent tracing paper

Size: 40 mm x 3m or 60mm × 3m; weight: 30g



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Weight N/A

001 长廊里 6cm x 3m, 002 幼草集 6cm x 3m, 003 蘑菇岛 6cm x 3m, 004 月下风 4cm x 3m, 005 草木 4cm x 3m, 006 邮集 4cm x 3m, 007 晴雨4cm x 3m