Brush Lettering Calligrapher Kuala Lumpur Tan Shi Yiing

As an experienced and passionate brush lettering instructor, I am dedicated to sharing the artistry and beauty of the written word with my students. Combining my background in engineering with a deep love for calligraphy, I strive to inspire and guide individuals on their journey to mastering this ancient and captivating craft.

With over 7 years of part-time teaching experience, I have developed a comprehensive with innovative approaches including a starter kit which is sold more than 180 copies. My private classes are designed to cater to students of beginner levels. By creating a supportive and encouraging learning environment, I foster creativity and self-expression in each student.

I believe that hand lettering is not just about mastering letterforms; it is also about cultivating patience, discipline, and mindfulness.

My goal as a calligraphy instructor is to instill a love for this timeless art form in my students. Through my guidance and expertise, I aim to empower individuals to express themselves creatively and develop a lifelong passion for hand lettering.