What is Washi Tape?

What is Washi Tape?

Washi tape is a decorative paper tape that be used on everything! ‘Washi’ means the Japanese paper. Originated in Japan, washi tape is transparent and easily removable, ideal for all types of art and craft projects.

Working with Washi Tape

Washi tape can be hand-torn or cut using scissors or a dispenser. It can be used for largely designed home decor or small shapes like triangles, squares, or arrow tips.

It has a waxy surface that allows permanent inks. Washi tape is fun and inexpensive, it is available everywhere. One should get the chance to play with the designs and colors.

How to Store Your Washi Tapes

Once you become a washi tape addict, you might find yourself surrounded by piles of colored rolls.

You can get a clear storage container from the local craft store and organize the washi tapes by colors at random.